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The training camp in July 2019 was a very special camp, because the Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu school celebrated its 20th anniversary. All but a few students could arrange this time in summer for the camp and make this great trip together with the school.

The journey to Östersund, Sweden, was made in small, self-organized groups. This all worked out wonderfully. Once arrived, we lived in small cottages on a camping site about 30 minutes from Östersund. A small river was flowing through the site, which was used by many as a welcome cool down (or toughening up). It is fair to say that a morning swim in a cool river/lake is more effective than a cup of coffee 🙂

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In Seelisberg in the canton of Uri we enjoyed the Whitsun weekend and were able to deal with the inner and outer aspects of martial arts in an initensive way. Supported by the fresh and good mountain air, the silence and the closeness to nature, we were able to bring our martial arts to a higher level together.

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in late summer 2009 we travelled together for one week to Arvika in Sweden. Supported by the peacefulness and naturalness of Sweden, we had a very inspiring time practicing martial arts. The training (mentally as well as physically) took place most of the time in nature. In addition, a small sports hall was available for us to use.

Besides the training itself, we also took trips like canoeing, where we could also enjoy the beauty of Swedens Nature.