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Each of our training camps and seminars is unique and will always remain in our memories for a long time. The progress in learning the martial arts is great and the fun factor is not too short! They are a very good opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics. Furthermore the experience fosters the team spirit and interchange within the whole Kung Fu family.

Our camps and seminars are held at sporadic intervals. There are day seminars, weekend seminars and also 1-2 week camps in Switzerland and abroad.

Camp 2019 in Jämtland, Sweden

The training camp in July 2019 was a very special camp, because the Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu school celebrated its 20th anniversary. All…
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Camp 2009 in Arvika, Sweden

in late summer 2009 we travelled together for one week to Arvika in Sweden. Supported by the peacefulness and naturalness of Sweden, we had a…
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