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Zi Ran - Ming Hui - Wu Wei. Die Grundprinzipien unserer Schule

Martial art is as diverse, comprehensive and profound as life itself. The diversity of the art is so wide and wide that probably a whole life is not enough to learn it all. When we observe, understand and practice its essence, we learn faster.

We take nature itself as a measure and guideline for our movements. From my knowledge and experience I have summarized the most essential and effective techniques and systematically assigned them to each element of nature. Thus they are faster and easier to learn. However, even then the training is still time-consuming and demanding. It requires a lot of patience, self-discipline, will, focus and devotion. Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu is based on simplicity, naturalness, spontaneity and the five elements of nature.

The term Zi Ran can’t really be understood as a combat style, rather more like a guideline and the key principle for this style of martial arts. In Chinese, Zi Ran means literary “by itself” or naturally (Ran) self (Zi). It indicates the natural origin of all things, a pure and clear mind and is the basis of everything we practice. Zi Rán Wŭ Yì Kūng Fū is the subtle art that unites the mind with the technique.

The foundation of our school is the “Zi Ran”. The Chinese word Zì Rán means “natural self”. In my understanding it means the subjective, original self. It’s easy to say but it’s harder to explain.

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Training location and time
The Zì Rán Wǔ Yì Kūng Fū (gōngfū) school is located in the heart of Zurich, close to the main station. We practice in a sports hall in a very central location.
In addition to the regular training, seminars and camps are held sporadically to address specific topics.
  • Schulhaus Limmat, Turnhalle A
    Limmatstrasse 90, 8005
  • always Tuesdays and Thursdays
    06:15 - 08:00 p.m.

    Except on public holidays
  • Interested parties are cordially invited for a trial training.

    Advance notice is desired.
  • Seminars take place occasionally
  • Private lessons on request
The Kung Fu Family

According to Chinese tradition, the Kung Fu school is built like a family. The members together as instructors of the Kung Fu School for the well-being and development of the whole family. Together, the members care for the development and well-being of the whole family.

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Richard - The Teacher and Founder

Our value cannot be measured by our abilities and actions. Every single life is absolutely unique and immeasurably valuable. To fully express the uniqueness and value of each person, there was no more appropriate name than “Zī Rǎn” and thus the “Zī Rǎn Wu Yi Kung Fu School” was born.

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The Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu school is an enrichment in my life. Through it I have found more vitality, peace, contentment and purpose in life. Thanks ...
I recommend the Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu school to all who want to learn a martial art where fighting is not the main focus. Zi Ran means natural self....
Culture and Tradition
The martial art is deeply rooted in practically all traditional cultures of the world. Today, the martial art forms originating from China are probably the best known and have undergone a relatively long process of transmission. This is because the traditional Chinese culture has been maintained over several millennia.
Traditional ways of martial arts include...On this page we would like to share this valuable heritage with the public and inspire the reader. The wisdom of life, which is taught and researched by the martial arts, not only speaks to people who practice the external (physical) martial arts but is also helpful and inspiring for people of all ages and circumstances.